March 11, 2018

Pre Employment Check

Pre-employment Screening Service

Pre-employment Screening Service is created to help company avoid wasting time on unsuitable candidate and find the most talented candidate in the shortest time.  

Among 250 CVs submitted to the same job site, up to 75% – 88% of CVs are not up to par. It can be seen that the filtering appropriate candidate from a large number of CV submitted is the most difficult part of the whole process of recruitment. So Pre-employment Screening Service was born to find the best candidate in the fastest way

What is a Pre-employment Screening Service?

Pre-employment Screening Service was born to find the best candidate in the fastest way

Candidate screening is the process of determining whether an applicant qualifies for a vacancy, based on his or her academic achievement, work experience and other information.

The purpose of pre-employment Screening Service is to help employer decide if they should be sent to the next round (usually an interview) or to refuse them.

How do Pre-employment Screening Service work?

Pre-employment Screening Service are a process of numerous tasks with the aim to define the best suit candidate for the company. The tasks include: educational check, professional qualifications check, employment history, reference checks, bankruptcy check, civil litigation & criminal check, reverse directorship search, local reputation check, Vietnam Credit check, verification and media check

Candidate screening usually consists of a three-step process based on the minimum criteria and priority criteria of the vacancy. Both of those criteria need to be relevant to the position being recruited and ideally match the job description. These criteria may include:

  1. Work experience
  2. Academic achievement
  3. Skills and knowledge
  4. Personality traits
  5. Capacity

Step 1:  Refine candidate profiles based on minimum criteria

Minimum criteria are the required criteria that a candidate must meet to take up the position of his or her job. A simple example of minimum criteria is whether the applicant is legally employed in the country or have they had any criminal offense in the past.

These types of criteria are often referred to as “qualifiers”, because the candidates who qualify for this criterion will be placed in the next round, while the remaining candidates will be eliminated from this stage.

The biggest challenge of recruiting applicants is the massive volume of applicants.

Step 2:  Filter candidate profiles based on priority criteria

Priority criteria are not compulsory, but are things that will make the candidate more noticeable. A common example of “priority criteria” is the work experience associated with the job placement. Candidates who possess this type of criterion are generally more qualified than candidates with minimum criteria (eg, good communication skills). A Pre-employment Screening Service will process with the employment history and reference check to examine the past reputation and performance of the candidate

Candidates who meet both minimum criteria and priority criteria will be taken to the shortlist CV.

Step 3:  Shortlist candidates based on minimum criteria and priority criteria

The task of deciding which candidate to include in the shortlist for the interview depends entirely on the recruitment needs that you provide to the Pre-employment Screening Service provider. You can determine how many candidates should be included in the interview round using the conversion rate of the candidates through the rounds.

The Pre-employment Screening Service should be applied consistently and objectively throughout the records to achieve the most accurate results.

Finding a good Pre-employment Screening Service provider in FYI Group

The biggest challenge of recruiting applicants is the massive volume of applicants.

Pre-employment Screening Service can help you screen candidates who are suitable for your company’s recruitment conditions

At present, there are many large companies with recruitment requirements converge on specific conditions, the employer also takes more time for the selection process. Recognizing the need to recruit and the difficulties encountered, FYI group – a Pre-employment Screening Service provider was born to discriminate the anxiety of employers.

With comprehensive and cost-effective background checks, we help employers to check and find the best candidate for the company. We work with local assets to thoroughly review applicants’ information utilizing legally compliant measures. With this, we can provide customers with enough information to decide whether the candidate fit with the company’s requirements or can they pose potential risks to the company. This will give your company a higher capacity to make better decision

What we offer

To carry out an effective and efficient works, it’s necessary for us to understand your needs and expectations and to explain ours to you. The following is our understanding of your current needs.

We provide our clients with comprehensive and cost-effective background checks in order to ensure that candidates are the right people for the right jobs. Our pre-employment screening services are designed to protect our clients and ensure that potential issues are discovered before they become a problem. Although our pre-employment screening services are customized to the needs of our clients, checks typically include:

  • Educational check  to verify whether the candidate has indeed studied and graduated as per information provided;

  • Professional qualifications check to verify whether the professional certifications are genuine;

  • Employment history to check information related to position, dates of employment, reputation, performance and reason for leaving;

  • Reference checks whereby former supervisors are contacted to ascertain past reputation and performance;

  • Bankruptcy check to determine whether the candidate has been involved in bankruptcy cases;

  • Civil litigation & criminal check to determine whether the candidate has been involved in lawsuits;

  • Reverse directorship search, aimed at identifying an individual’s potential involvement in private companies as a director or a shareholder;

  • Local reputation check – Vietnam Credit check

  • Verification of contact details and emergency contact details; Verification of current residential address;

  • Media check which involves a printed media and online to ascertain whether any detrimental information has ever been reported